Greeting cards by eDgE dEsiGn London

I launched the first range of greeting cards by eDgE dEsiGn London in 2016. 

Every single card is an original design, no two cards are the same. Since I started making greeting cards, I've created over 1,000 unique cards using a range of different styles, techniques and materials.

Where it all began...

I created my first greeting card when I was 4 years old. With a bit of help from my dad, this illustration became the family Christmas card that year - it's of my brother on his skateboard!

This was done over 40 years ago. You'll be pleased to know that I've improved as an artist/illustrator since then.


Collections have been created to help you navigate the different types/themes and styles available. Click on the links below to find out more information. 

Collections include: Abstract Art, Animals, Sea creatures, Flowers, Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards, ValentinesRainbows for Loved ones and more can be found using the drop down menu above.


Naked cards

I have taken the 'Naked Card' pledge. The aim is to remove all single use and non-essential plastics from my products. Where I sell online, there is no need for items to be shipped in plastic as they are shipped in a larger shipping envelope as standard. 

 Personalised cards

You can select any existing card and I will personalise it for you, free of charge (subject to availability). 


These are not prints or re-productions. Every single card is made by hand using high quality materials that are sustainable and ethically sourced. If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact us using the details below. Your happiness is our happiness!


For any special requests or for any further information, please email: esther@edge-design-london.com