Let's get naked...

Don't be alarmed, I won't be exposing myself or designing in the buff! The only things going 'naked' at eDgE dEsiGn London are the products.

I am committed to removing single use plastics and cello sleeves from all my product packaging. This means from now on, all cards, jewellery and artwork will now be shipped 'naked' or packaged using only recycled/sustainable materials.

Naked Cards

eDgE dEsiGn London is proud to be supporting the Naked Cards Campaign, which encourages ditching single use plastics and cello sleeves, in favour of going 'naked' or using sustainable packaging alternatives for greeting cards.

Plastic-free Packaging

Going naked doesn’t mean that my products will be shipped in a way that doesn’t protect your purchase. All of my unframed artwork and greeting cards are posted in recycled hardback envelopes so there is no cause for concern when it comes to protecting them during shipping.

Jewellery and framed artwork is shipped using recycled and environmentally sustainable packaging. What I won’t be doing in the future is adding any plastics to the packaging of any of my products.

I will still be using existing materials to protect products prior to shipping and recycling the packaging for future products. Nothing will be going to waste!

Greeting cards will be shipped with a fabric belly-band to keep card and envelop together. 

For delicate items, they will be wrapped in paper to protect the detail and quality of the product. 

I urge you to support this fantastic initiative and be assured that your purchases will arrive in perfect condition without the need for plastic sleeve around each one. 

Greeting cards have always typically been sold both in stores and online with a plastic sleeve that goes straight in the bin the moment the card is written. Even with the increasing number of people making sure they recycle single use plastics, it’s a shocking fact that only 9% of it actually gets recycled.

I am passionate about reusing, recycling and repurposing when I design products. All of my greeting card envelopes are made from recycled kraft paper.

Gift wrapping

I offer a wide range of gift wrapping, using sustainably sourced materials, including hessian bags, recycled cardboard packaging and paper. 

For more details about the naked cards campaign - click on the naked cards image above or visit them on facebook or instagram

Contact me for any further info: esther@edge-design-london.com 

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