Esther Wilson - born 1973, London, England

Lives and works - London SW19

Before the really early stuff…

I don’t know if there is anything to be said for genetics when it comes to being creative. It could be seen as a blessing or a curse. I never knew anything different. My mother studied fashion design at Central St Martins, and my dad was the most  highly respected and experienced creative directors / graphic designers in the field of medical education (he's retired now, which just gives him time to critique my work instead!).

On top of that, my grandparents were both artists and teachers of fine art.

The really early stuff…

I loved to draw from a very early age. My first ever greeting card design was when I was about 4. See ‘ABOUT GREETING CARDS’.

My earliest design obsession was typography. I have to credit my dad for this as he would teach me the typefaces on the shop fronts and buildings we would pass on car journeys. This then developed into a love of Letraset and Magic Markers. I would spend hours in the studio at my Dad’s office when he worked weekends.

Most kids at that age (I think I was about 8 or 9) would have created hell if they’d been dragged to work with their dad at the weekend. Not me!

It was about that time that I made my first pieces of jewellery. See ‘ABOUT JEWELLERY’ for more on that!

The pretty early stuff…

After leaving school, I studied Graphic Design at Suffolk College. I was determined from about age 12 that I wanted to be a graphic designer – just like my Dad!

When I left college, I worked as an interior designer for some time. Then my career took me on a path much less creative than I would have hoped, but life often throws a curve ball your way. I have been fortunate that my work always enabled me to freelance on occasion and also influence and direct design for major corporations where I worked for about 25 years.

The more recent stuff…

It was in 2016 that I finally took the plunge and set myself up as eDgE dEsiGn London Ltd.

I’m a bit of an all over the place kind of designer

My style is very eclectic and varied. This is because everything I create is unique. It can be a challenge at times, because when you’ve been doing what I do for as long as I have, you must come up with new designs all the time. Thankfully, I love a challenge, and am always thinking about new product ranges, materials, techniques and designs.

I am trying to infiltrate the mundane and mass-produced world, one unique design at a time. If everyone was the same, life would be pretty dull. Never settle for anything less than individual and gorgeous.

What makes me passionate about my work is you. My customers are bold, beautiful, individual and discerning. They demand quality and excellent customer service, and I ensure that they get it.